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Kids Connection

Linking Kids Up with Jesus

April 2nd 10 am!


Come Join us!

Learn about Samson!

Jonah & The Whale 

Linking Kids Up With Jesus!

David and Goliath 

Sunday August 21st We got to see David and Goliath! We also met the puppets. Genius taught us that we need to stay full of the Holy Ghost and stay connected to each other! When we disconnect from one another, and we get away from God. We lose the power! We are in this together! If someone falls away reach out and catch them! Help them back up! We are in this together! Let's stay connected!! 

Fun Times!!! 

Music, Games, and Prizes! 

Jonah & The Whale

What a Great time had by all!! We sang, danced, played games, seen a skit. We had a wonderful time! You won't want to miss the next one! 

Meet Genius! She will keep your attention with her silly antics and teach you a lesson too!

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